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Tax advice

Many taxpayers feel overwhelmed by tax law, which is constantly changing and becoming ever more complex. We offer reliable professional assistance. As your advisor for all tax matters, we will be happy to provide you with a solution to your individual tax problems besides taking care of your current accounting needs, payroll accounting, and preparation of the annual financial statements.

Our services include acting as your representative vis-à-vis the tax authorities.

To keep you up to date on your tax situation, we are happy to draw up budget accounts in which we estimate your annual income and the resulting tax burden on the basis of your historical data. This will allow you to realign your business policy in a timely manner and take any measures that may be necessary in order to achieve optimal tax results.

Ongoing tax advice

  • Tax planning to reduce tax liability
  • Preparation of tax declarations for companies, legal persons and individuals
  • Making tax-related applications, such as for tax deferral, extension of payment periods or the reduction of advance payments
  • Representation before tax authorities: ongoing and in special cases
  • Representation before the tax authorities
  • Ongoing information about changes in tax law

Special consultations

  • Planning of new formations and changes of legal form, as well as liquidations
  • Formation and management of private foundations
  • Advice on inheritance and business succession

Other advisory and consulting services

  • Advice on capital reorganisation
  • Business audits
  • Advice on the most suitable legal form from a tax perspective
  • Tax planning and strategy development
  • Tax auditing activities
  • Accompaniment to bank meetings
  • Advice on inheritance and succession
  • Assistance in internal audits

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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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